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Many people opt for tinted windows because they think of tinted windows as an interesting and stylized personal feature that will make their car stand out from the crowd. Safety, however, is the most important reason to opt for custom fit, reliable, tinted windows. Tinted windows reduce dangerous glare, which is the most common cause of random accidents in the United States.

Many EMTs, doctors, and other health care professionals choose tinted windows because they offer UV protection against harmful, cancer-causing sun exposure. Tinted windows are also less likely to shatter in the case of an accident. The tinting process involves spraying each window with a structurally supportive casing. If you have an accident, or sustain window damage, a tinted window is less likely to shatter and result in shrapnel-like injuries.

Privacy is the most popular reason people choose tinted windows. This is also a prescient and responsible safety precaution. When criminals choose a car to steal or vandalize, they usually inspect a few possible marks. Tinted windows limit visibility, especially at night. If you accidentally leave any valuable accessories in your car, like a laptop or audio player, tinted windows will make it difficult for a thief to identify your car as an ideal target.

If you are interested in auto window tinting in Jersey City, NJ, contact the experienced technicians at Fabulous Auto Services for customized, top-of-the-line products and professional workmanship.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our window tinting services, and we offer all of our clients a lifetime guarantee on our work.

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