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Auto alarm systems are an important upgrade for every car. There are a variety of protection devices that we can install in your car. A remote starter, keyless entry, and iPod integration are some of our more popular upgrades. IPod and smart phone integration is a cutting-edge security innovation. It allows you to control and monitor your automobile from your mobile device. You can even keep running track of your gas, mileage, and tune-up schedule, and track your car in the event of theft via a navigation system.

If your car gets stolen, an auto alarm system will greatly increase the likelihood that it will be found intact and unharmed. Most new cars come equipped with an immobilizer system, which will prevent your car from being driven away without the proper key. This makes hot-wiring a threat of the past, but criminals are smart and adaptable. An after-market GPS installation is an essential criminal deterrent. A GPS system surreptitiously tracks your car and makes it easy for authorities to recover it.

When you are seriously interested in a car alarm system, there are a variety of options from which to choose. Silent alarms notify the owner through a phone call or text message. This is very effective when you live in a high-crime neighborhood because it alerts you, personally, to a theft as it happens. In dense areas that are prone to auto crimes, an auditory alarm often goes unnoticed. A silent alarm will give you the upper hand in a criminal situation.

Protecting your automotive investment is important, and the best way to do this is by contacting a skilled and experienced auto shop. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will evaluate your safety and theft prevention methods.

Fabulous Auto Services is the shop to call for premier auto alarm systems in Jersey City, NJ.

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